Regular appointments are essential to maintaining good health and progressing towards your personal goals for therapy.

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We congratulate you for taking your mental health seriously.

Keep your follow-up appointment even if you are not running out of medicine. The appointment is needed to evaluate risks and benefits of your current therapy and to make any needed adjustments. Be sure to notify us of any changes in your health data and share any labwork done by other healthcare providers prior to your scheduled appointment by emailing to [email protected]  We understand that sometimes your plans may change, and ask that you contact us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to change the time of your psychiatric appointment.

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Pre-Appointment Checklist

To prepare for your scheduled appointment with Dr. Sabet:

Farid Sabet-Sharghi, MD Psychiatrist Pre-Appointment Checklist

Complete the mobile patient check in at least one business day before your appointment. Have a list of your current medications and dosages, typical blood pressure and heart rate, medical conditions, and any allergies to assist you with the registration, and to review with Dr. Sabet, Psychiatrist.

If you have visited your primary care physician, send a copy of your most recent exam and any lab results 1 week before your appointment to [email protected]

Payment is due before your appointment, and is easily done during registration with a credit card. Since we are not in any insurance networks, we are unable to submit claims for you. We are happy to provide a visit statement by mail or email for you to submit to your insurance company; just ask.

Download Forms

Download and complete any of the forms below which may apply to you, to aid the diagnostic process:

Farid Sabet-Sharghi, MD Psychiatrist Forms

 Complete the ADHD questionnaire.

 Complete the Mood Disorder questionnaire.

 Complete the Hamilton Rating Scale.

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