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A different perspective on the opiate addiction epidemic

The more powerful this escape is the more potentially dangerous and far-reaching the chemical addiction process becomes. Heroin and other forms of opiates are the most powerful pain numbing compounds known; hence their potential for abuse and dependence a…
Talk is everywhere of the unfortunate rise in opiate addictions and lethal overdoses of prescription pain pills and cheap heroin. Mental health organizations are mobilizing forces… http://faridsabetmd.com/index.php/blog/2014/07/different-perspective-opiate-addiction-epidemic/

Visiting your ADHD family this summer? Enjoy but be prepared!

ADHD-prone families have their own culture of disorganization and chaos. After years of working through these tendencies and developing healthier patterns, it is demoralizing to fall right back into chaos, unrealistic expectations, lack of mindful presenc…
Visiting your family of origin during holidays and summer time is a wonderful occasion to catch up on each other's news and renew family bonds. It could also reactivate old wounds… http://faridsabetmd.com/index.php/blog/2014/07/visiting-your-adhd-family-summer-enjoy-be-prepared/

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