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A glimpse of another world...

A patient I had not seen for a while recently came to my office for a follow-up visit. She appeared to have a completely different outlook on life than any of her previous visits. When I inquired about the radiance, joy, and serenity that she seemed to e…
A patient I had not seen for a while recently came to my office for a follow-up visit.  She appeared to have a completely different outlook on life than any of her previous visits… http://faridsabetmd.com/index.php/blog/2013/06/glimpse-another-world/

Know thyself, but which self?

The self means different things in different contexts: In its most limited sense it is the apparatus of our ego to deal with the happenings of the world. In its sublimation however, it refers to an essence which is sacred, immaterial, undefinable, and n…
Knowledge of the self is the foundation of western philosophy and psychology.  Psychotherapeutic disciplines have justified their approaches by promising relief of the pain of lif… http://faridsabetmd.com/index.php/blog/2013/06/know-thyself-which-self/

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