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Tragic Shooting in Orlando

Jun 15, 2016

We are all saddened that hatred has again raised its ugly head and gunned down at least fifty innocent people and injured hundreds of others in Orlando. We are too close to this tragedy to make any sense of what could have driven a deranged person to commit such a crime. So far cries of Islamic radicalism, easy access to guns and other superficial explanations have dominated the debate on the topic and added fuel to the current divisive political climate.

Information on the psychological life of the terrorist who committed this horrific attack is minimal so far. I was baffled at first by his obsession with the gay community and that he had frequented gay clubs and social media sites. Could it be that he was struggling with his own ambivalence with his sexuality? Had he deluded himself through pseudo-religiosity and disavowal of his own homosexual impulses and transformed them into hatred of the other inside himself?

Perhaps these clues into the psychology of hate can lead us to a different approach to some of our current problems of violence and terrorism. Are the bad guys exploiting those who are alienated from their own selves,  turning them against aspects of their own personalities as they are reflected in others? I think the implications are enormous and might lead to an altogether different campaign. A massive drive towards psychological honesty and confronting both religious and secular leaders who tap into this dangerous power to create disunity, hatred, and terrorism



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