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ADHD and the Friday night date

Jun 10, 2015

You have been working hard all week and really look forward to going out with your fiancé to a nice restaurant and enjoying yourself. She has not seen you all week and is excited about finding out about your work and reconnecting with you emotionally. After answering her third question before finishing your appetizer you snap and say something harsh and stupid! The evening is ruined and you are totally baffled as to what happened. You feel guilty and frustrated and vow not to do this again.

Next week something similar happens with a slightly different theme. My experience with adult ADDers is that they need a period of 'idling' and 'alone time' after a stressful 'sprint' and attempts at relaxing with others even loved ones is quite difficult. I suggest you be aware of this process and allow yourself a bit of a down time before engaging in social activities. If you are at receiving end of this transaction from a loved one with ADHD, don't take the interaction personally and be prepared for it.  No, you are not engaged to a jerk! A bit of understanding and patience will fortify and enrich the relationship.


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