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ADHD and anger, strategies for management

Jun 10, 2015

Low frustration tolerance is a hallmark of the ADHD sufferers. The scenario goes something like this: You are trying to focus on completing your expense report, and the guy from the next cubicle in the office is chatting away about stupid stuff with his girlfriend. At first you don't even notice him, then a few minutes later you get up from your seat and tell him SHUT THE F UP! You are then called to the HR and since this has happened before, you are referred for ANGER MANAGEMENT classes.

In reality your problem is not anger at all! It is the perception of being disrupted while trying to focus. So... some strategies that have worked for others:

  • Be aware and mindful of how much energy it takes for you to concentrate and not be drawn to other stimuli ; this is actually quite hard since we only have awareness of our own states of mind and don't really know how others think.
  • If you have to work in close proximity to others and can't shut the door, carry ear plugs. 
  • Identify accompanying anxiety and frustration before it escalates to anger. 
  • If your core symptoms of ADHD are significant , seek professional help; it could change your life for the better and save your job and marriage. 

Now go and find some excuses for the HR guy!



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